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Home - Blog - Asthma - Asthma Attack When To Go To Hospital
Asthma Attack When To Go To Hospital

Asthma Attack When To Go To Hospital

Asthma attacks are scary for people suffering from them and those who witness them.  Most of the time the attack is mild and the person recovers quickly using an inhaler.  Other times it is much more serious and requires medical intervention. You must act quickly if your symptoms are not responding to the usual treatments because asthma attacks can be fatal.

You must seek medical intervention immediately if your inhaler is not helping or the attack lasts over four hours.  Your symptoms are getting worse, you are breathless, having difficulty sleeping or eating and are unable to catch your breath.  It doesn’t matter if you arrive and it is not serious because it is better to go and there be nothing wrong than leaving it and die.

The condition affects 5.4 million people in the UK causing someone to have an attack every ten seconds.  Asthma takes the lives of three people every day and two-thirds of these deaths are preventable. It is, therefore, to keep your asthma plan up to date and seek medical help immediately if you have an attack. (Source:

What Is An Asthma Attack?

Asthma is a respiratory condition causing inflammation of the airways seriously affecting breathing.  People control it using inhalers that open up the airways and avoiding triggers such as dust, smoke, stress and extreme temperature changes.  The condition is either mild or severe and is sometimes fatal.

Three people die from an asthma attack every day in the UK in most cases the majority of these deaths are preventable.  The UK is falling behind the rest of Europe in its treatment of the condition and is still getting to grips with it. Sadly the most common cause of asthma deaths is poor management of the condition.

An asthma attack is very scary as it makes breathing very difficult and effects speaking, sleeping and talking.  This is due to the airways narrowing and preventing air from flowing freely into the lungs. The result is a reduction in oxygen in your bloodstream which causes hypoxia where not enough oxygen gets into your tissues and is unable to meet your body’s needs.

Therefore it is vitally important to go to A and E to regulate your breathing.  Never worry about making a mistake because it is better to cautious than be too late to save your life.

How To Deal With An Attack

During an attack sit up straight and keeping calm take a puff of your inhaler every 30-60 seconds until you have done 10 puffs.  Call an ambulance if symptoms get worse or if you don’t feel better after 10 puffs. Repeat until the ambulance arrives.

It is important to keep your asthma plan up to date especially after suffering from a serious attack.  Make an appointment with your doctor or nurse to discuss your treatment in the light of such an occurrence.  

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